YAI NIN (2020)

  • Documentary, Short
  • 13min

YAI NIN is a documentary short film about a Thai businesswoman and family matriarch, Ninlawan Pinyo. She is the proprietor of a brand of Thai sausage made in Chiang Mai, and has lived above her factory her entire life. The film depicts Nin at her home in Chiang Mai, watching over her factory while interacting with her family in America through technology. While her relationship with her children - all now American with their own kids - is strained by distance, she takes on the role of mother figure for the workers and caretakers that live and work around her.


Champ Ensminger

Director of Photography

Liam Morgan

2nd Assistant Camera

Theppharat Thiwthong

Audio Engineer

Alex Boyesen

Audio Grip

Ed Sheffield

Still Photography

Jittrapon Kaicome

Interview & Translation

Waraporn Ensminger


Carl Nelson


Juan Carlos Arenas

VFX Compositing

Rogelio Salinas


Champ Ensminger

Color Finishing

Joel Voelker

Original Score

Satta Rojanagatanyoo

Sound Design & Mix

Jason Alberts

Music Supervisor

Nargis Sheerazie


Thai, English