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Over My Dead Body

Drama 25m 2020

sfahan, a Persian-Jewish woman in Los Angeles, is considered, at thirty-one, to be well past marrying age. So her conservative parents are relieved when she announces her engagement to her younger boyfriend, Kambiz.

Until they learn he is Muslim.

Her father immediately vetoes the marriage, her mother calls the siblings over, and Kambiz gets kicked out of the house. The situation escalates into an all-out confrontation between Isfahan and her family.

As she defends her love, the family defends their traditions, demanding that she honor their religion and old-world values. This intergenerational struggle forces Isfahan to make a decision that will define the rest of her life.


Bradford Hamilton

Production Designer

Aditya Mohite

Line Producer

Dhriti Borah


Omri Lahav

Sound Designer

James Parnell


English, Persian