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Nulle Trace (No Trace)

Drama 1h 41m 2021

In a near future, a woman (“N”) drives her handcar down the tracks. A callous smuggler hardened by life, she guides a pious young woman and her child across the border to safety. A man - presumably her husband and the child’s father collects them. Sometime after completing her mission, N has her handcar stolen by strangers. Wandering alone in the forest, she takes shelter in an abandoned cabin. The following morning, she discovers a body lying near the stream that flows nearby; that of the young woman seen earlier. While in bad shape, she is still alive. She decides to take care of her. Continuing her wandering, N comes across a pagan pyre of sorts, on which lies a tiny charred corpse, it is the young woman’s child. Little by little, the two women become closer. Once back on her feet, the young woman confronts N regarding her impiety and her true motives. While facing cold and hunger and having their respective beliefs shaken, an emotional encounter occurs between the two women in this inhospitable land.


Simon Lavoie


Simon Lavoie


Marcel Giroux

Director of Photography

Simran Dewan