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Killing Evan

Dark Humor 18m 2021

Carla, a poser bass player, just landed her band the gig of a lifetime - “opening up for some guy named Thurston in Brooklyn, tomorrow night.” Rushing to judgment, her boyfriend Evan, the band’s lead singer, is anything but happy to open for whom he assumes is Thurston Moore, a man he’s convinced killed Kurt Cobain and is a total sell-out. Determined to gain control of his band, he flies into a fit of rage and dies suddenly.

After a missed exit to the hospital, Mandy, the drummer, convinces Carla that there’s no point wallowing in Evan’s death, but fulfills the very role fate has brought her - learn their single “Starfucker” and become the band’s new lead singer.

En route to their big gig in Brooklyn, as Carla takes on the challenge of becoming the band’s new lead singer; she’s confronted by the ghost of her dead ex-boyfriend from the back seat, forcing her to face the voices of her past as she attempts to step into her future.


Taylor Landesman


Max Gardner


Andrew Pang


Jessica Hinds


Alexander Backus