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From Earth to Sky

Documentary 1h 23m 2021

From Earth To Sky is a unique and inspiring story of a proud and accomplished collective of Indigenous architects, driving a movement as climate change threatens the planet. They are world leaders in aesthetics, form, sustainability, and ultimately protecting mother earth.

The film follows 7 diverse Indigenous architects from North America as they express the vitality of Indigenous architecture through the process, design, and build. The first woman architect in North America, Tammy Eagle Bull, Wanda Dalla Costa, Alfred Waugh, Brian Porter, Daniel Glenn, Patrick Stewart & Douglas Cardinal, the first Indigenous architect in North America. They all define their individuality through their artistry, and bond in their philosophy and principles of protecting the planet.

A stunning force of nature, From Earth To Sky, is a riveting journey through the point of view of Indigenous architects, who envision a bright and prosperous future for the world.


Ron Chapman


Phyllis Ellis