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Thursdays Watch Schedule Day Pass (Digital)

24 films

Thursday’s Watch Schedule: Who and how we love, explored in this group of films featuring titles from our LGBTQIA/ Love & Loss Bundles.

Content included in this bundle

Yes I Am - The Ric Weiland Story
Documentary, LGBTQIA, Mental Health 1h 1m 2021
I'm An Electric Lampshade
Documentary, Narrative, Music 1h 36m 2021
Queer, Coming-of-Age, Comedy 1h 15m 2021
The Tale of the Daughter
Dark Humor, Action, Drama 23m 2021
Reasons To Stay
Drama, Surreal, Experimental, LGBTQIA 3m 2021
Drama 11m 1984
Objects of the Heartbreak
Documentary, Experimental 8m 2021
27 Candles
Drama 30m 2021
The Things I Tell You
Documentary, Romance, Millenialias 17m 2021
Comedy, Romance, Mockumentary 5m 2021
Guys Weekend
Comedy 8m 2021
The Dress
Drama, Short, Student 30m 2020
Flower Power
Romance, R&B 5m 2021
All I Can Do
Short, Documentary 21m 2021
Monkey Bars
Drama 18m 2021
The Goldfish
Drama 17m 2021
Ordinary World
Short, Fiction, LGBTQIA, Disability in the Arts 13m 2021
Over My Dead Body
Drama 25m 2020
Adjustment of Status
Drama, Comedy 11m 2021
Appa Appa Appa
Drama 14m 2021
Comedy 11m 2021
Emma Without Edmund
Comedy 13m 2021
Rez Metal
Documentary 1h 15m 2021
From Earth to Sky
Documentary 1h 23m 2021