The Super 8 Feeling (Web Series / New Media)

  • 7 films

In the words of Nicolas Cage, “The Super 8 feeling is what my brother and I used to feel when we made movies in the backyard with the camera our dad bought us when we were kids. I didn’t care about awards or money… It was simply because we loved making the movie and telling a story.”

The home movie has come a long way since portable video cameras became commonplace in the 80s and 90s. Today, artists are getting together with their friends and creating diverse multi-layered work. In this series we spotlight profiles of nurses who otherwise may not have gotten one, gentrification comedies, and an artist by the name of Gazoo who defies almost all description. Though disguised as a new medium, the web series has its roots in the Super 8 feeling, and sits here as an intersection between the ancient, the old, and the new.

Content included in this bundle

Sideways Smile (2020)
  • Comedy, Queer
  • 50min
COUP! (2020)
  • Comedy, Politics
  • 10min
How to Fire Someone (with Jules and Jonas) (2019)
  • Comedy, Lo-Fi
  • 5min
DisLabeled (2020)
  • Short, Documentary
  • 15min
Frederick Douglass Boulevard aka Food & Drink Boulevard aka F.D.B. (2021)
  • Black Comedy, Short
  • 15min
A Diary From The Frontline (2020)
  • Documentary, Short
  • 14min
Beam Me Up (2020)
  • Short, BLM
  • 4min