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Sunday Watch Schedule Day Pass (Digital)

28 films

Sunday Watch Schedule: Get into genre films with titles from our Comedy and Thriller Bundles, just in time for Halloween.

Content included in this bundle

Have a Nice Life
Comedy, Drama 1h 22m 2021
Women is Losers
Drama 1h 24m 2021
The Land
Narrative, Feature 1h 43m 2021
Everything in the End
Drama 1h 14m 2021
Rehab Cabin
Comedy 1h 17m 2021
Sofa So Good
Comedy 12m 2020
Killing Evan
Dark Humor 18m 2021
Must Love Pie
Drama, Comedy 13m 2020
Duality Derby
Narrative Fiction, Comedy 21m 2021
Drama 12m 2021
What Happened Downstairs?
Horror, Comedy 15m 2021
The Goldfish
Drama 17m 2021
Dark Humor 16m 2021
Harvest Bowl
Comedy 7m 2021
Here She Goes
Comedy, Drama 13m 2021
Comedy 18m 2021
He Wants To Know My Number
Experimental 4m 2019
Danny Boy
Crime, Drama 13m 2021
The Writing Box
History, Drama, Fantasy, Children’s 29m 2021
Road to Delicias
Thriller, Western 9m 2021
Perfect as Cats
Short 17m 2020
Drama 19m 2020
Birthday Boy
Drama, Science Fiction 25m 2021
Thriller 11m 2021
We Won't Forget
Drama, Comedy 12m 1989
The Girl in the Straw Hat
Drama, Thriller 1h 51m 2021
The Knot (Uljhan)
Drama, Suspense, Thriller 1h 47m 2021
The Fox
Crime, Drama, Thriller, Romance 1h 33m 2020