Storm the Gates

  • 9 films

During an impassioned keynote speech at AFI’s Directing Workshop for Women, filmmaker Jill Soloway said the following: “Instead of waiting for the industry to change or waiting for the guys to change, instead storm the gates, grab hands with each other … snarl at the bases of those watchtowers like wild lady-dogs. Wrestle the male directors out of the chairs, then put the chair back up and sit in it!”

The courageous filmmakers in this block all examine power — who has it, who gets to wield it — and leave us asking what change can be achieved through self-determination. This is the must-see block of 2020.

Content included in this bundle

Say You Will (2020)
  • Short
  • 18min
ALINA (2019)
  • Short
  • 26min
The Clarinet (2020)
  • Black comedy, Comedy
  • 3min
The Thin Blue Variety Show (2020)
  • Animation, experimental
  • 4min
Slave Cry (2019)
  • Comedy, Drama
  • 13min
His-Story (2020)
  • Short, Spoken Soul
  • 3min
For Your Consideration (2020)
  • satire, dark comedy
  • 12min
  • Dark Comedy, Comedy
  • 17min
  • drama, social justice
  • 13min