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Short Dramatic Films

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27 Candles
Drama 30m 2021
Drama, Sport, Coming of Age, Youth 17m 2021
An Occurrence at Arverne
Drama 7m 2020
Appa Appa Appa
Drama 14m 2021
Bea, Seriously
Short, Drama 9m 2021
Big Touch
AfroFuturism, Afro-Surrealism, Drama, Experimental, Fantasy 3m 2020
Cherry Lemonade
Drama, Coming of Age 11m 2020
Drama, Short 10m 2020
Espacios Vacíos (Empty Spaces)
Drama 20m 2020
Flower Power
Romance, R&B 5m 2021
Drama 7m 2021
Drama 10m 2021
Isole Ciclopi
Drama, Family, International, Italian 5m 2021
Family, Children’s, Feel Good, Social Message 5m 2021
Monkey Bars
Drama 18m 2021
Nuevo Rico
Drama, Animation, Science Fiction, Music 16m 2021
Reasons To Stay
Drama, Surreal, Experimental, LGBTQIA 3m 2021
The Deliverer
Crime, Drama 14m 2018
The Dress
Drama, Short, Student 30m 2020
The Next Hole
Drama 8m 2021
Drama 11m 1984
Therefore, Socrates is Mortal
Drama 13m 2021
Troubled Times
Drama 27m 2021
We Didn't See It As a Tidal Wave
Short 2m 2021
We Won't Forget
Drama, Comedy 12m 1989
Winter of '79
Drama, History, Realistic Fiction, Jewish, Iranian, Middle-Eastern 21m 2021