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Saturday Watch Schedule Day Pass (Digital)

28 films

Saturday’s Watch Schedule: Experiencing film in new and meaningful ways, featuring titles from our BIPOC Stories and Web Series Bundles.

Content included in this bundle

Ten-Cent Daisy
Fantasy, Drama 1h 30m 2022
18th & Grand: The Olympic Auditorium Story
Documentary, Sport, Culture 1h 24m 2022
Wet House
Documentary 1h 25m 2021
Big Touch
AfroFuturism, Afro-Surrealism, Drama, Experimental, Fantasy 3m 2020
We Didn't See It As a Tidal Wave
Short 2m 2021
Winter of '79
Drama, History, Realistic Fiction, Jewish, Iranian, Middle-Eastern 21m 2021
Hello Sunshine
Documentary 13m 2021
Tanagokoro: A Culinary Portrait
Documentary, Biography, Food 32m 2021
An Occurrence at Arverne
Drama 7m 2020
Drama 7m 2021
Drama 13m 2020
Ale Libre
Documentary 17m 2021
Coffee Cops
Comedy 23m 2021
Dark Humor, Drama, Romance, LGBTQIA 45m 2022
Flowstate /North Brooklyn Artists: COBY KENNEDY
Documentary 15m 2021
The Yellow Panther: The Life of Richard Aoki
Documentary, Short 23m 2021
Drama 12m 2020
Hit The Ground Running
Comedy 3m 2022
Hudson Falls
Drama, Mystery 22m 2021
I Am a Dreamer
Documentary 27m 2021
Docu-Series 25m 2022
Drama 1h 50m 2021
Slayed By Divya
Comedy, Drama 17m 2020
Story of You
Drama, Comedy 26m 2020
The Line (That Divides Us)
Docu-Series, Web-Series, New Media 17m 2021
Zombie Roommate
Comedy, Puppet 13m 2019
The Last Out
Documentary 1h 24m 2020
Broken Chains
Documentary 60m 2021