I Against I

  • 6 films

Sometimes we lie to ourselves, sometimes we stumble upon the truth. In this block we’ve got a yuppie couple pushing a pyramid scheme to an anti-capitalist punk rock band, a lonely isolated woman trying to connect with others via a new augmented reality device, and a trans artist that subtly challenges viewers to examine some of their most deeply held assumptions. Join us to see who in these films breaks on through to the other side (of themselves).

Content included in this bundle

I Against I (2020)
  • Short, Narrative
  • 24min
Journal (2020)
  • Drama, Queer
  • 8min
The Taxidermist (2019)
  • Horror, Short
  • 9min
Automatic (2019)
  • Short
  • 9min
Imaginary Friend (2019)
  • Sci-Fi, Drama
  • 16min
Jes Fan: Infectious Beauty (2020)
  • Short, Documentary
  • 9min