Hello, Clarice

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Have you ever looked closely at the movie poster for The Silence of the Lambs? No, that’s not a butterfly — that’s a Death’s-Head Hawkmoth! …

Wait, let’s start at the beginning: one of the all-time great character and acting transformations belongs to Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) in the aforementioned film. Released in 1991, The Silence of the Lambs still stands as a touchstone for actors featuring, an iconic expression of the power of self-transformation.

Although the different stages of transformation for a Death’s-Head Hawkmoth are fascinating within the context of that film, what we’re more interested in here are the women who appear front and center in these magnificent shorts. Each one of them on their own journey, pursuing growth, and doing it on their own terms.

Content included in this bundle

In Access (2020)
  • Documentary, Drama
  • 14min
Curtain Call (2020)
  • Animation, Short
  • 4min
Reno (2019)
  • Short, Art
  • 14min
YAI NIN (2020)
  • Documentary, Short
  • 13min
Chick Flicks (2019)
  • Documentary, Student
  • 19min
A Syrian Woman (2019)
  • Short, Documentary
  • 11min
In the Pink (2019)
  • Short, Drama
  • 13min