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  • 7 films

There are no travel restrictions at the Bushwick Film Festival — Oahu, Hawaii, the coffee hills in Costa Rica, the City of Lights, a living room in Los Angeles … that’s where we’re going.

Each location has its own culture, its own set of circumstances, its own predicaments, injustices, joys, questions. There are a trillion stories from around the world, seven of which populate this block. Don’t expect to come back the same as you went in.

Content included in this bundle

Jesa (2019)
  • Family, Animation
  • 6min
Kama'āina (Child of the Land) (2020)
  • Short, Narrative
  • 17min
Cotton Candy (2020)
  • Drama, Comedy
  • 11min
Dafa Metti (Difficult) (2020)
  • Short, Documentary
  • 14min
Lewiston (2019)
  • Short, Poetic
  • 18min
Cafe de Temporada (2019)
  • Documentary, Short
  • 13min
The Great Fair (2019)
  • Americana, Documentary
  • 8min