Chasing Butterflies

  • 6 films

When one ‘chases butterflies’ they are after something — a person, a feeling, a memory — they can never get, that’s always out of reach … devastated yet? Hold on.

In this block we have both a story about an underground jazz club, as well as a gold digger that uses a magic spell to try to get her sugar daddy back. Still with us? We’ve got docs, comedy, science-fiction, and a period piece. Variety? Check. And most crucially, we have each filmmaker present — latent — stretching out their figurative hand, inviting you to grab hold so that you can experience the journey safely. Trust us, you’re in good hands.

Content included in this bundle

Formerly Fundamentalist (2020)
  • Documentary, Family
  • 14min
Post 398 (2019)
  • Short, Documentary
  • 13min
uTransfer (2019)
  • Immigration, Short
  • 10min
Margo & Perry (2020)
  • Comedy, drama
  • 13min
I Do Not Sleep (2019)
  • Short, Period drama
  • 16min
Agua 'e Panty (2019)
  • Short, Student
  • 10min