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Award Winners Bundle

17 films

Watch the award-winning films of the 14th annual Bushwick Film Festival! ****Films can be rented individually or you can rent the entire bundle above. ****

Content included in this bundle

Everything in the End - Best Narrative Feature Honorable Mention
Drama 1h 14m 2021
Bangla Surf Girls - Best Feature Documentary Award
Sport, Girls Rights 1h 26m 2021
The Last Out - Best Feature Documentary Honorable Mention
Documentary 1h 24m 2020
Nuevo Rico - Best Short Narrative Award
Drama, Animation, Science Fiction, Music 16m 2021
Appa Appa Appa - Best Short Narrative Honorable Mention
Drama 14m 2021
Monkey Bars - Best Short Narrative Honorable Mention
Drama 18m 2021
Unemployment Hotline - Best Short Documentary Award
Documentary 10m 2021
Art21: John Akomfrah - Best Short Documentary Honorable Mention
Documentary 16m 2021
The Things I Tell You - Best Short Documentary Honorable Mention
Documentary, Romance, Millenialias 17m 2021
Hit The Ground Running - Best Series Award
Comedy 3m 2022
Occupied - Best Series Honorable Mention
Docu-Series 25m 2022
Drama, Sport, Coming of Age, Youth 17m 2021
The Two Bees
Documentary 9m 2020
Have a Nice Life
Comedy, Drama 1h 22m 2021
Rez Metal
Documentary 1h 15m 2021
The Dogfriend
Dark Humor 14m 2021
Dark Humor, Drama, Romance, LGBTQIA 45m 2022