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Art & Artist (Shorts)

20 films

Short films focused on artists and their work

Content included in this bundle

Art21: John Akomfrah
Documentary 16m 2021
Coffee Cops
Comedy 23m 2021
Firelei Báez: An Open Horizon (or) the Stillness of a Wound
Documentary, Short 8m 2021
Flowstate /North Brooklyn Artists: COBY KENNEDY
Documentary 15m 2021
Hit The Ground Running
Comedy 3m 2022
Non-Fiction, Documentary 17m 2021
Killing Evan
Dark Humor 18m 2021
Documentary 5m 2020
Nuevo Rico
Drama, Animation, Science Fiction, Music 16m 2021
Docu-Series 25m 2022
Requiem for Syria
Documentary 5m 2021
RESIST : The Resistance Revival Chorus
Documentary, Short, Activism, Music 20m 2021
Drama 1h 50m 2021
Space Lady
Documentary, Science Fiction 17m 2021
Slayed By Divya
Comedy, Drama 17m 2020
Documentary 30m 2021
The Breakdown Parables
Comedy 19m 2024
Documentary 28m 2021
You Can't Stop Spirit
Documentary 16m 2021
Neo Now
arts, short, Documentary 6m 2018